Horizontal type robot


Capable of wide renge applications assembly of small parts,heavy load handring and packing.

Capable of top class high speed high precision operation with dedicated motor and amplifier.It has applicability to diverse works by easy connectibity with Mitsubishi's PLCs and servo motors.

RH-F series

The f-series robots, RH-FH-Q series (for iQ platform) and RH-FH-D series (stand-alone), use the next generation controller that incorporates many intelligent features and significantly improves the performance of the robots.

Horizontal type RH-F series

RH-SQH series (iQ Platform)

Capable of FA integration and improvement in total performance with middle to large scale system by enahacing functions and performance.
iQ Platform type SQ series.

RH-SQH series (iQ Platform)

RH-SDH series

Realize compatibility with customer's conventional property by enahacing functions and performance.
Stand alone type SD series

RH-SDH series