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    Welcome to "The Art of Manufacturing"!

    In this customer magazine we explore the technology, thinking, and trends around the automation of industry. We cover topics such as digital manufacturing, production and service, but also technology trends from IIoT to AI. Readers can benefit from the "learnt wisdom" of experts and experiences of customers through their own words and stories as well as learning about pragmatic approaches, like SMKL, to the challenges of Industry 4.0. So why not explore our world of automation through the Art of Manufacturing?

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    Digital Magazine

    “Special edition: SDGs in Action” PDF

    • Special Report: Is Sustainability Sustainable?
    • Case Study: São Paulo’s Japan House
    • Inside Technology: Passion Road - ASSISTA cobots
    • Case Study: Aida Engineering - reducing electricity costs
    • Launch Pad (New Products) / News from Around the World / A Taste of Japan / Did you know?
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    MECHATRO + [PLUS] English edition Vol.4 PDF

    • Development Story
    • Solution Case Study / Interview
    • Global Service & Support

    MECHATRO+ [PLUS] (Japanese text only)


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