The FR-A800 series brings together inherited aspirations and skill.The FR-A800 series can drive with high precision and high quality and can be used in a wide scene at home and abroad.

A diverse product range helps make you the right product choice.

Day by day, in heavy industrial use, our frequency inverters prove their high levels of cost-effectiveness, reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

Product List

FR-A800 series

FR-A800 series High performance and high quality new type inverter of the highest level. Improves drive performance, pursues ease of use and also applies to safety standards.

    FR-F800 series

    FR-F800 series New next generation energy savings inverter. Contains new functions ideal for fans and pumps.

      FR-A700 series

      FR-A700 series Mitsubishi FR-A700 features real sensorless vector control which ensures the highest level of driving performance.

        FR-F700 series

        FR-F700 series Evolution of the inverter for fan and pump application, energy savings for buildings and factories as a whole.

          FR-E700 series

          FR-E700 series All- rounders and miniature masterpieces given their compact size.

            FR-D700 series

            FR-D700 series Standards for small-format drives and provide an easy entry to the world of modern variable speed drive technology.

              Engineering Software

              Engineering Software Troubleshooting with one PC! Easy to setup without confusion.

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