ControllersReliable, proven performance, innovative and long-term support; the MELSEC series serves a wide range of control applications.

Drive Products

Drive ProductsAn extensive lineup of drive products support different applications. Find your solution with Mitsubishi drive systems.


VisualizationLearn more about the wide range of user-friendly Mitsubishi GOTs with its extensive library functions.

Industrial Robots

Industrial RobotsNow compatible with more FA products, Mitsubishi robots supports various intelligent applications in high-tech fields.

Low-voltage Power Distribution Products

Low-voltage Power Distribution ProductsMitsubishi offers a full range of low-voltage switchgears and compact, safe and easy-to-use motor starters.

Power Monitoring Products

Power Monitoring ProductsThe reliable power management, monitoring and control equipment has many energy-saving functions.

Medium-voltage Power Distribution Products

Medium-voltage Power Distribution ProductsMitsubishi medium voltage power distributors are safe and reliable for high-voltage power receiving/distribution system.

Processing Machines

Processing MachinesPrecise machining produced by highly accurate mechatronics products greatly improves the productivity and quality.