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Mitsubishi Electric's New Red Laser Diode for Pico Projectors Offers Industry-leading Output Power

Tokyo, November 11, 2010 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the launch of a 638-nanometer (nm) wavelength red laser diode (LD) offering an output power of 1W, the world's highest among 638 nm band LDs. The ML501P73 diode is ideal for pico projectors and other portable display systems that require a high-brightness red light source. Sample shipments will begin on November 18, 2010.

Pico projectors have drawn much attention because they can be embedded in or connected to mobile systems such as cellular phones and laptop computers. LDs are widely used as light sources for these projectors for their ability to project a wider range of colors compared to lamp-based projectors. LDs deliver higher output while consuming less power than light emitting diodes (LEDs), extending battery life. LDs also enable focus-free operation because optical systems with great depth of field can be used with laser beams.

At high temperatures, the output power of red LDs with wavelengths shorter than 640 nm was not sufficient for high brightness projector applications. Mitsubishi Electric utilized its unique capabilities in applying window mirror structures and epitaxial growth technology to develop an industry-leading output power of 1W at a 638-nm lasing wavelength.


Product Features

1) Highest recorded output power of 1 W at 638 nm for micro projectors
- The product offers a pulsed output power of 1W, currently the world's highest in 638 nm band
- Luminosity as a red light source exceeds 120 lumens (lm) due to lasing at short wavelength
- The product has an industry-leading electrical conversion ratio of 35% at 1W at a temperature of 25 degrees C, enabling the reduction in power consumption
2) Operational at temperatures between -5 degrees C and + 40 degrees C
The product can emit 1W in pulsed output and 0.5W in continuous waves within an operating range of -5 degrees C to + 40 degrees C. In the pulse condition, the duty ratio is less than 33% and the frequency is higher than 50Hz.

Product Summary

Model Features Shipment date
 High output power:1 W (pulse)
0.5W (CW)
 Lateral oscilation mode: multi
November 18, 2010

Other Features

Conditions Typical value
Threshold current CW @ 25 degrees C 170 mA
Operation current Po = 500 mW, CW @ 25 degrees C 660 mA
Operation voltage Po = 500 mW, CW @ 25 degrees C 2.2 V
Lasing wavelength Po = 500 mW, CW @ 25 degrees C 638 nm
Operating temperatures -5 40 degrees C
Storage temperatures -5 100 degrees C
Package 5.6 mm-diameter capless package