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Mitsubishi Electric Acquires Vincotech Holdings S.à r.l.

Tokyo, November 30, 2010 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503, hereafter "Mitsubishi Electric") has announced that Mitsubishi Electric and The Gores Group have entered into a Share Purchase Agreement on the acquisition of Vincotech group, a manufacturer of electronic components (hereafter "Vincotech") based in Germany.

Having its main business activities in Europe, Vincotech specializes in the development, manufacturing (assembly testing process) and distribution of low power devices that are used as inverters for general industrial applications and power conditioners for solar power system applications. By acquiring Vincotech, Mitsubishi Electric seeks to further strengthen its power device business and to complement Mitsubishi Electric's medium & high power device technology with Vincotech's low power device technology.

Outline of Vincotech

1. Company Name:Vincotech Holdings S.à r.l.
2. Main Business Description:Development, manufacturing (assembly testing process) and distribution of power device for industrial application
3. Established:1965
4. Headquarters:15, rue Edward Steichen, L-2540 Luxembourg
5. Locations:Unterhaching (Germany), Bicske (Hungary), Copenhagen (Denmark), Seoul (Korea), Shenzhen (China***)
6. Representative:Joachim Fietz, Chief Executive Officer
7. Relations:Mitsubishi Electric and Vincotech do not have any capital, personal or transactional relationships
8. Number of Employees:Approximately 530 (As of July, 2010)
9. Operating Performance:                       (In EUR million)
 Prospects as of
December, 2010
Total Assets34.1
10.Purchase Price:Undisclosed
11. Remarks:*Vincotech's current operations regarding development, manufacturing and distribution will continue after the transaction.
**Subject to merger control clearance, the parties intend to close the acquisition by the end of 2010.
***The Gores Group will retain Vincotech Electronic Modules (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, currently a Chinese subsidiary of Vincotech.