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Mitsubishi Electric Completes Installation of Diamond Vision Screen at Marine Messe Fukuoka

9 x 5 m screen to provide business and leisure video content

Tokyo, February 14, 2011 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it has completed the installation of a 9 m by 5 m Diamond Vision large-scale display system at Marine Messe Fukuoka, a versatile facility used for many different types of events located in Fukuoka, Japan. Commissioned by the Fukuoka City government, the installation is worth approximately 300 million yen.

The screen incorporates the latest high definition digital screen controllers and high luminance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) aligned in a 6 mm pixel pitch. The new screen replaces the facility's current, main CRT display, also built and installed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1995. The company's Arena Easy-to-use Operator Console feature allows facility operators to easily display video content extracted from a PC or handycam. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation completed the installation of the system, including the new screen, video equipment system and live cameras, at the end of January 2011.
Diamond Vision large-scale display system at Marine Messe Fukuoka

Diamond Vision large-scale display system at Marine Messe Fukuoka

Marine Messe Fukuoka, operated by the Foundation of Fukuoka Convention Center, opened in 1995. The versatile facility is used for exhibitions, athletic functions, conferences and concerts. Mitsubishi Electric has recently installed numerous other Diamond Vision displays worldwide, which include the following:

・ 800-inch display at Hiratsuka Stadium in November 2010

・ 1513-inch display at Fukuoka Kyotei (boat racing) in August 2010

・ 600-inch display at Kumamoto's KKWING in March 2010

・ 700-inch display at Toda Kyotei (boat racing) in March 2010

・ 1,036-inch display at Kleenex Stadium Miyagi (baseball) in March 2010

 659-inch display at the Hakodate Racecourse paddock area in February 2010

・ 4,255-inch display at Dubai's Meydan Racecourse in January 2010

・ Two 2,086-inch displays and two 695-inch displays at Cowboys Stadium in September 2009

Mitsubishi Electric aims to further expand its business in large scale displays for public facilities.


Product name Diamond Vision LED
Screen size 9.024 m (w) x 4.992 m (h), 45 m2
Light emitting element High luminance LED element (Red, Blue and Green)
Picture element structure
Picture element count 1504 (w) x 832(h)