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Mitsubishi Electric's New Optical Transmitter Module Lowers Power Consumption by 50%

10 Gbps EML-TOSA to go on sale October 31

Tokyo, October 18, 2011 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the coming launch of a 10 Gbps optical transmission device that cuts power consumption by 50% compared to conventional models used for high-speed large-volume data transmission between data centers. Comprising an electro-absorption modulator laser (EML) coupled with a transmitter optical sub-assembly (TOSA), the module transmits up to a distance of 40 kilometers thanks to its high-quality signal performance. Mitsubishi Electric will commercially launch its new EML-TOSA, known as the FU-613REA, on October 31.

The module complies with the 10 Gbps Miniature Device Multi Source Agreement (XMD-MSA) and uses in CAN packaging suitable for mass production.


The increasing use of high-speed, large-volume optical transmission devices at data centers accounts for the consumption of considerable amounts of electrical power, so Mitsubishi Electric's new power-saving EML-TOSA module is expected to attract considerable attention.
Significant drop in power consumption
-Power consumption of 0.6 W is approximately 50% less than that of Mitsubishi Electric's current FU-612REA model.
-EML operability at high temperatures allowed the thermo-electric coolers to be downsized.
Long-range transmission
-The module's newly developed EML chip achieves a low power penalty (difference in power before and after transmission), high extinction ratio (optical output ratio between "on" and "off" modes) and high mask margin (standardized specification indicating performance of optical output waveform), resulting in the capability to transmit data up to 40 kilometers.
Practical CAN-type package
-Mitsubishi Electric adopted CAN-type packaging suitable for mass production, replacing box-type packaging used in conventional models.

Other features

Light emission central wavelength: 1,530 nm to 1,565 nm

Output power: -2 to +2 dBm

Package size and electrical interface: XMD-MSA compliant

Operating temperature range: -5 to 85 degrees C

Power penalty after 40 km transmission: less than 1.0 dB (typ.)

Extinction ratio: more than 10 dB (typ.)

Mask margin: more than 20% (typ.)