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Mitsubishi Electric to Sell Distributed Feedback Diode and Avalanche Photodiode for 10G-EPON Optical Network Units

Will contribute to simpler networks and faster broadband service

Tokyo, November 14, 2011 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the coming launch of a distributed feedback laser diode (DFB-LD) (ML7xx42) and an avalanche photodiode (APD) (PD8xx24) suitable for the optical network units (ONU) of symmetric 10 gigabit Ethernet passive optical networks (10G-EPON). The ML7xx42 and PD8xx24 both will launch commercially on November 30.




While current fiber to the home (FTTH) services are mainly based on 1 Gbps gigabit Ethernet passive optical networks (GE-PON), symmetric 10G-EPON offering 10 Gbps upstream and downstream performance are expected to be commercialized soon. However, 10G-EPON are simple networks that use optical couplers and require high-power DFB-LD and high-sensitivity APD due to optical loss in the couplers.

Mitsubishi Electric's new high-power, low-current DFB-LD and high-sensitivity APD are both suitable for symmetric 10G-EPON ONUs and thereby will contribute to network simplification and faster broadband service.

High-power, low operating current DFB-LD offering high-speed performance
-New DFB-LD with aluminum gallium indium arsenic (AlGaInAs) active layer
-10mW output power despite low operating current in high-temperature conditions
-10 Gbps high-speed performance due to improved modulation bandwidth
TO-CAN APD with top-level high sensitivity
-New, low-noise APD with aluminum indium arsenic (AlInAs) multiplication layer
-New high-frequency circuit board with suppressed noise output
-Top-level sensitivity of 31.5dBm (typ.)

Other Features

DFB-LD ML7xx42 APD PD8xx24
φ4.8mm TO-CAN package
Aspherical lens cap with high coupling efficiency
Light emission peak wavelength: 1,270nm
Output power: 10mW
Operating current: ≤70mA
Operating temperatures: -5℃ to 75℃
Coupling efficiency: 60%*1 (typ. *2)
φ5.4mm TO-CAN package
Products with ball lens cap
Wavelength band: 1,570nm
Minimum sensitivity: -31.5dBm (typ. *2)
APD responsivity: 0.8A/W (typ. *2)
Bandwidth: 6.5GHz (typ. *3)
*1 ML767T42 with aspherical lens.
*2 Typical value, not guaranteed.
*3 Typical value at multiplication factor M=10.