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Mitsubishi Electric Comments on Suspension from Japan's Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center Bidding

Tokyo, January 27, 2012 - Mitsubishi Electric (TOKYO: 6503) received notice today from Japan's Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center (CSICE) that following revelations that the company overcharged the CSICE for expenses, it has been suspended effective immediately from participating CSICE bidding for a period of between one and 18 months, until the full details of the case are revealed, payments for excessive charges and other expenses are returned to the central government treasury and remedial measures are put in place by the company and reported to the CSICE.

Mitsubishi Electric will fully cooperate with the CSICE's investigation of the matter.

Details regarding the total amount of overcharge, the timing of reimbursing the treasury and the impact on the company's financial performance are currently unclear. Mitsubishi Electric will disclose the impact this matter has on the company as soon as the situation is better understood.