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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch MOSFET-type Super-mini DIPIPM

Contributes to reduced power consumption, miniaturization and lower cost of small-capacity motors for refrigerators, other products

TOKYO, February 18, 2013 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it will launch a transfer-mold-type, super-mini dual inline package intelligent power module (DIPIPM) primarily used for inverter drive systems of small-capacity motors in refrigerators and other consumer appliances. The module uses a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) switching device featuring low power-on voltage in low current regions. Sales will begin on March 1.

With optimized low-loss-drive ICs and a high-heat dissipation design, the module will help to reduce power consumption, advance miniaturization and lower the cost of inverter systems for small-capacity motor drive applications.

MOSFET-type Super-mini DIPIPM

MOSFET-type Super-mini DIPIPM

Product Features
Reduced power consumption in small-capacity inverter systems
- Power-on voltage in low current regions is reduced by about 60% compared to Mitsubishi Electric's existing "PS219B2" DIPIPM at 0.5A and 25 degrees Celsius, by employing a MOSFET switching device.
- Reduction of recovered-power loss by optimizing the MOSFET process.
- Reduction of IC power loss by optimizing the control IC.
High reliability through high-heat dissipation structure
- Suppression of channel temperature rise by reducing power loss of switching device and applying a high-heat dissipation insulation sheet.
Cost reduction and miniaturization of final product
- Facilitation of thermal radiation via the high-heat dissipation design.
- Reduction of external components thanks to built-in bootstrap diode (BSD) with current limiting resistor.

Sale Schedule
Model Specification Shipment date
PSM03S93E5/-A/-C 3A/500V March 1, 2013
PSM05S93E5/-A/-C 5A/500V

Main Specifications
Model PSM03S93E5/-A/-C PSM0593E5/-A/-C
Specification 3A/500V 5A/500V
Dimensions 24 x 38 x 3.5 mm (same as super-mini DIPIPM)
Built-in Chips MOSFET x 6 forming a three-phase bridge,
HVIC x 1, LVIC x 1and Bootstrap Diode x 3
Functions Protection against short circuits, control power-supply undervoltage and
over-heating (LVIC monitoring ); and error output
Others Divided-source-type N-side MOSFET

In 1997, Mitsubishi Electric first commercialized its DIPIPM transfer-mold-type intelligent power module, which has contributed greatly to miniaturization and energy-savings in inverter systems. The technology has gained increased importance because annual power consumption has become an important index of energy-saving performance in consumer appliances, such as refrigerators. Needs are increasing for reducing loss in rated power, and also in low current regions where a high percentage of power use is concentrated.

DIPIPM is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric.