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Mitsubishi Electric to Exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2013

Introducing the comprehensive know-how of Mitsubishi Electric, which enriches our society and way of life through technology

TOKYO, September 18, 2013- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503)announced today that it will take part in CEATEC JAPAN 2013 to exhibit its latest technology and innovative products under the theme of "Enriching our society and way of life through technology ─ shaping our future with the comprehensive know-how of Mitsubishi Electric." The show is from October 1-5 at the Makuhari Messe exhibition complex in Chiba, Japan.

The Mitsubishi Electric exhibit will be at Booth No. 5F64 in the Life&Society Stage area of Makuhari Messe Hall 5.
Rendition of the Mitsubishi Electric Booth

Rendition of the Mitsubishi Electric Booth

Cutting-edge technology and products will be on display, including "4K LASUREVUE" LCD televisions, advanced technology that ensures elevator safety, next-generation display graphics technology.

Zones and Main Products
"Space" Zone
Quasi-Zenith Satellite System ─ a satellite system which surpasses the capabilities of the Global Positioning System and allows for more precise positioning (model)
Meteorological Satellite "Himawari" ─ a geostationary satellite that plays a role in meteorological observation in Japan and over 30 other countries, mainly in Asia (model)
Mobile Mapping System ─ high-accuracy GPS mobile measurement equipment that enables the efficient acquisition of highly detailed 3D positional information; actively being utilized for public surveys.

"Home" Zone
MITSUBISHI HEMS (Home Energy Management System) ─ equipped with industry-first, automated energy-conserving functions and a family calendar function; links with household appliances and other home equipment to realize the goal of living comfortably while conserving energy (demonstration)
4K LASERVUE ─ an LCD television equipped with the combination of a laser backlight and a 4K panel to deliver superior resolution and display a wider color gamut (prototype, demonstration)
DIATONE SOUND.NAVI ─ a car navigation system equipped with a high-grade audio system for optimal sound quality and an LCD television for optimal image quality (trial listening)

"Security&Safety" Zone
Advanced elevator technology that ensures safety in high-rise buildings
(model, demonstration).
MELOOK μⅡ and MELOOK μ+ digital CCTV systems ─ surveillance systems with crisp high-definition image display, easy set-up and operation, and smooth high-density recording (demonstration)

"Communication" Zone
Next Generation Display and Graphics Technology ─ display systems that excel in design, visibility and ease of use (prototype, demonstration) .
Easy Signage ─ a digital signage system that allows users to begin displaying sigital content simply by inserting an SD card into one of the display units (demonstration)
M-Signage ─ a digital signage system that enables information to be distributed efficiently through a network (demonstration)

"Energy" Zone
Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), which helps improve the transfer capability and power quality of power transmission systems.
Systems Energy and Electric Vehicle (EV) Management System, which makes use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Smart energy system for Water Plants, which supports the optimization of power use in both normal and emergency operations