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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Dual Low-side Driver with Over-current Detection

Will promote downsizing through one-chip control of interleave systems

TOKYO, November 5, 2014 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it will launch a dual low-side driver with over-current detection to drive power modules in inverter systems and air-conditioning systems. Dual inputs and outputs on the same chip achieve an interleave control system that cancels current ripples by 180-degree phase difference in divided power supplies for high efficiency and low noise. Sales will begin on November 17.

M81762FP dual low-side driver with over-current detection

M81762FP dual low-side driver with over-current detection

Product Features
1) One-chip interleave system contributes to system downsizing
-One-chip control achieved with dual inputs and outputs suitable for interleave control system.
2) Simplified system design using built-in over-current detection circuit
-Built-in over-current detection circuit reduces external components and simplifies system design.
-Detection of over-current or under-voltage lockouts can be signaled, thanks to a built-in fault signal output (Failure Output) function and a capacitor with a failure-output pulse width timer function.
3) High tolerance to switching noise for highly reliable inverter system
-Low-impedance buried layers for reduced noise in the IC chip result in high immunity to latch-ups (malfunction caused by various elements on one chip influencing each other) when switching.