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Mitsubishi Electric Develops IoT Factory Controller for Future Factories

Collects factory data using IoT technology and collaborates with cloud

TOKYO, February 17, 2015 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today its Internet of Things (IoT) Factory Controller to connect e-F@ctory, the company's factory automation (FA) solution, with the cloud for the emerging IoT ecosystem. IoT Factory Controller is now being verified in test operation, with commercialization targeted at April 2016.

Mitsubishi Electric's e-F@ctory solution makes factories truly visible by using advanced technologies to directly interconnect shop-floor data. Plant operators can analyze and visualize the data with graphs to achieve greater productivity and quality.

Factories are expected to become increasingly interconnected via the cloud for advanced production management, while the e-F@ctory solution offers real-time capability, security and high reliability for manufacturing execution and quality management systems on a non-cloud basis.

IoT Factory Controller, however, will be integrated into e-F@ctory to enable real-time connection between the shop floor and the cloud. It will also provide robust security to protect the system from wire tapping, data manipulation, unauthorized access and other cyberattacks.

Predictive maintenance and diagnostics utilizing massive amounts of data are expected to become an important part of future manufacturing operations. Increased data from sensors on production lines, etc. will raise the need for expanded data-processing capacity in factories. IoT Factory Controller is designed to flexibly expand data-processing capability thanks to its scalable structure.

In some cases, access control is required to establish a cloud connection to multiple manufacturers' equipment. Mitsubishi Electric's new IoT Factory Controller enables access to specific floor machines pre-registered by maintenance operators.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has registered e-F@ctory as a trademark in Japan and other countries.

Pending patents for the technology announced in this news release number 13 in Japan and 11 abroad.