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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 600V Three-phase Bridge Driver IC

Realizing more compact systems through smaller three-phase bridge outputs

TOKYO, Mar 9, 2015- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it will launch a significantly more compact 600V three-phase bridge driver IC for driving power semiconductors in three-phase inverter systems. Sales will begin on April 1.

600V three-phase bridge driver IC (M81749FP)

600V three-phase bridge driver IC (M81749FP)

Consumer appliances and industrial machinery are increasingly using variable-frequency inverters in their motor control systems to save energy and improve performance, creating strong demand for HVICs that drive power semiconductors in inverter systems. To achieve more compact designs, Mitsubishi Electric is developing HVICs that feature smaller sizing, as well as higher performance.

Product Features
1) Smallest size in the industry enables compact product design
-The IC chip, which includes a three-phase bridge driver circuit and a short-current detection circuit, uses Mitsubishi Electric's unique technologies to achieve an industry-smallest SSOP-24 package with a divided reduced surface fields (RESURF) structure.
-56% smaller IC mount area compared to our conventional products.
2) Highly reliable inverter systems using built-in short-circuit detector
-Immediately shuts down the power semiconductors in the event of a short circuit, preventing thermal destruction and ensuring reliability.
3) Simple inverter system design using a built-in fault signal output
-Built-in failure output for detecting short circuits and low voltage.
-Timer function capable of suitable failure-output pulse width for each system by selecting the capacitor on the system board.