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Mitsubishi Electric's SOCIO-ROOTS Fund Surpasses 50 Million Yen in Annual Donations

Matching-fund initiative supports 82 social welfare facilities and programs in Japan

TOKYO, April 10, 2015- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that the Mitsubishi Electric SOCIO-ROOTS Fund, a charitable undertaking in which the company matches employee donations, contributed 57,551,560 yen, or about 500,000 US dollars, to 82 social welfare facilities and programs in Japan from April 2014 through March 2015. This was the fourth consecutive year in which the fund exceeded 50 million yen in donations.

Of the total, 20 million yen, or about 170,000 US dollars, supported recovery initiatives related to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Another 11,370,304 yen, or about 95,000 US dollars, aided victims of destructive landslides that occurred in Hiroshima, Japan on August 20, 2014. The remaining amount of 26,181,256 yen, or about 220,000 US dollars, was provided to social welfare facilities located near Mitsubishi Electric factories or branch offices across Japan.

Donation ceremony in Rikuzentakata city in earthquake-hit Tohoku region
Donation ceremony in Rikuzentakata city in earthquake-hit Tohoku region on March 29, 2015

To support post-earthquake recovery, the fund made donations to three nonprofit organizations that respectively provide services for mental health, learning, and safe and comfortable play areas for orphans and other children affected by the earthquake. Cumulative donations for this purpose have now surpassed 100 million yen, or about 830,000 US dollars, over the past four years.

The Mitsubishi Electric SOCIO-ROOTS Fund, the company's signature initiative in the field of social welfare, was established in April 1992 as one of Japan's first matching-fund corporate initiatives. Open to all Mitsubishi Electric personnel in Japan, it has encouraged employees nationwide to help support activities rooted in local communities. To date, the fund has donated more than one billion yen, or about 10 million US dollars, to some 1,700 social welfare facilities and programs.