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Mitsubishi Electric to Build Elevator Factory in India

Will launch elevator production in world's second largest market

TOKYO, May 14, 2015- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that Mitsubishi Elevator India Private Limited will build a factory in Bangalore, India, aiming to strengthen local competitiveness and expand business in the world's second largest market for elevators and escalators.

Rendering of factory

Rendering of factory

Interior of NEXIEZ-LITE

Interior of NEXIEZ-LITE

India's elevator and escalator market, which has grown in step with the country's rapid economic development, is now the world's second largest, next to China. Annual demand rose to 47,000 units in 2014 and is expected to continue growing. In 1995, Mitsubishi Electric began selling elevators through local distributors. In August 2012, it established a company in Chennai to reinforce sales, installations and maintenance, and in April 2014, Mitsubishi Electric launched the NEXIEZ-LITE elevator model for low- to mid-rise buildings in the India's market.

Bangalore is located in southern India, where an increasing number of enterprises in fields including the IT industry are setting up operations. By producing locally, Mitsubishi Electric expects to strengthen product competitiveness in terms of price and delivery time, focusing especially on its NEXIEZ-LITE model. A special emphasis will be placed on the efficient integration of sales, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Product development will be reinforced with an elevator test tower, approx.41 meters high, and field-training center for installation and maintenance work on the premises of the new factory. The enhanced education of engineers is expected to further elevate the quality and reliability of products and services, ultimately for increased customer satisfaction.

Details of New Factory
Location Bangalore, Karnataka State, India
Site area 89,000 square meters
Floor space 25,400 square meters
Purpose Manufacture of elevator equipment
Operation July 2016
Production capacity 5,000 units annually
Investment 1.833 billion Indian rupees (approx. 3.45 billion Japanese yen)
Adjunct facilities Elevator testing tower, approx.41 meters high, and field training center