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Mitsubishi Electric's DIABREZZA Wind Measurement Lidar Receives Laser Industry Award for Excellence

Pulse laser enables remote wind measurement even under clear-sky conditions

TOKYO, May 25, 2015- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it has received the seventh Laser Industry Award for Excellence presented by the Laser Society of Japan for its DIABREZZATM wind measurement lidar, which is capable of observing normally invisible wind in real-time using a pulse laser.

The DIABREZZATM lidar measures wind speed, and wind velocity, even in clear-sky conditions, by using a single-frequency pulse laser to capture the movements of dust and tiny particulates in the air. Traditional radar equipment uses radio waves that cannot measure wind speed and wind velocity in the absence of rain drops or clouds. Currently, the DIABREZZATM is used mainly for aviation weather observation, urban environmental measurement and the forecasting and monitoring of torrential rain. Additional applications of the lidar technique are envisioned, however, including wind turbine control and surveying wind conditions to support more efficient wind-power generation.

The Laser Industry Awards recognize outstanding products and technologies that contribute to the development of laser-related industries. The award ceremony took place during LASER EXPO2015 at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center in Yokohama, Japan in April.

The Laser Society of Japan commented: "The DIABREZZATM wind measurement lidar was developed by combining various cutting-edge technologies as a unique lidar instrument that is expected to make a significant contribution to the safety of aviation, an area in which it is leading the world. In recent years, radio-wave frequency bands have become increasingly restricted, so it is significant that this instrument utilizes an optical method that is free from installation restrictions. As a result, demand is expected to be stronger in the future. The product has great social value because, in addition to use as an environmental and meteorological measurement instrument, it can be used to observe wind conditions for wind-power generation. It also has exceptionally innovative value for lasers. In view of the intellectual property rights acquired, it has promising potential, including for its spin-off effects. We believe this product deserves the Excellence Award."
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