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Mitsubishi Electric to Install 5 Top-class Screens at QVC Marine Field

Diamond Vision® screens to offer unmatched resolution among Japan's outdoor baseball stadiums

TOKYO, July 28, 2015 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today today that it would install five Diamond Vision extra-large, extra-brilliant screens at QVC Marine Field stadium in Chiba, Japan for use beginning in the March 2016 Japanese professional baseball preseason.

The main screen behind center field will measure 28.8m (w) x 10.1m (h), triple the size of the current screen. The new screen will also mark a dramatic increase in both resolution and contrast levels. Two other displays, one each above the left field and right field stands, will measure 20.2m x 5.8m. On the infield walls, two auxiliary screens will be installed, one measuring 2.4m x 11.2m and the other 2.9m x 2.4m.

In total, the five new screens will be 2.2 times larger than before and their resolution will be no less than six times greater than the previous screens.

Rendition of new screens
Rendition of new screens
Several of the new screens, as well as existing ribbon boards, will be controlled simultaneously by an interlocking system for highly impressive multi-screen images, including various new visual effects for instant replays. Content will adapt automatically to cheering volume. Screen operability has been upgraded with an integrated system that controls all screens in the stadium, enabling intuitive, flexible score layouts and designs.

These will be the first screens in a Japanese outdoor baseball stadium to feature Mitsubishi Electric's original black package LED technology, which delivers an enhanced level of deep, rich black under all lighting conditions. Compare to Mitsubishi Electric's previous LED screens, this cutting-edge new technology achieves 1.5 times better contrast.

Main Specifications
Type Diamond Vision LED
Installation areas Main (center field) screen Left and right field screens Infield sub-screens
(on left and right)
Size 28.8m (w) x 10.08m (h)
(1,201 inches or
290.3 m2)
20.16m (w) x 5.76m (h)
(825 inches or
116.12 m2)
11.2m (w) x H2.4m (h)
(451 inches or 26.88 m2)

2.88m (w) x 2.4m (h)
(148 inches or 6.912 m2)
Light emitting element 1-in-1 SMD LED (8mm pixel pitch, Full HD)
Number of scanning lines 3,600 (w) x 1,260 (h) 2,520 (w) x720 (h) 1,400 (w) x 300 (h)
360 (w) x 300 (h)
Number of displays 1 2 2