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Mitsubishi Electric Successfully Launches TURKSAT-4B Satellite

Will help to further upgrade communications and broadcasting infrastructure in Turkey

TOKYO, October 19, 2015- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today it successfully launched the TURKSAT-4B satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 5:40on October 17 (Japan time) and the satellite separated from the launch vehicle at 14:53. The launch was carried out under a turnkey contract awarded by Turksat Satellite Communication, Cable TV and Operation Inc. Co. (Turksat A.S.) in 2011.

TURKSAT-4B will use its own power for positioning in a geostationary orbit about 36,000 kilometers above the equator. Mitsubishi Electric will conduct in-orbit testing until the beginning of December, after which it will formally hand over TURKSAT-4B to Turksat.

This was the ninth launch of a satellite based on Mitsubishi Electric's DS2000 satellite platform. All DS2000 satellites in orbit, including the TURKSAT-4A launched last year, continue to operate stably. Mitsubishi Electric plans to launch seven more DS2000 satellites by 2017.

Mitsubishi Electric is pleased to contribute to the communications and broadcasting infrastructure of Turkey and its neighboring countries through its TURKSAT-4A and TURKSAT-4B.

Launch of TURKSAT-4B

Launch of TURKSAT-4B

TURKSAT-4B at a Glance
Satellite platform DS2000
Orbital maneuver life At least 30 years
Transponders Ku Ka- and C-bands
Mass Approximately 4.9 tons (at launch)
Mission Communications and broadcasting services in Turkey and other countries in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia and Africa
Delivery Delivery in orbit