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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Unveils Seven New Technologies at Annual R&D Open House

TOKYO, February 17, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced seven new technologies, outlined below, at its annual Research and Development Open House held today at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
No.2997 Mitsubishi Electric Develops Manufacturing Technology for
Virtual Validation

Decreasing on-site adjustment time up to 75 percent
The company has created a next-generation manufacturing technology that virtualizes and simulates the motion of products and sensor data in FA controllers, making the startup and replacement of assembly lines more efficient and reducing on-site adjustment time up to 75 percent. It enables operators to generate errors such as temporary line stops in a virtual environment for the FA controller and then adjust actual line operations accordingly.
No.2998 Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact AI
Embedded systems applications in vehicles, robots and more
The company announced today it has developed a small-memory, compact AI that can be easily implemented on vehicle equipment, industrial robots and other machines by reducing the computational costs for inference, which is a process including identification, recognition and prediction to anticipate unknown facts based on known facts. This will enable a low-cost AI system that can perform high-level, high-speed inference in a highly-secured environment. The compact AI is expected to be implemented in products sold commercially from around 2017.
No.2999 Mitsubishi Electric Develops Online Performance-diagnostic Technology for
Storage-battery Systems

Contributes to more efficient and wide-ranging use of battery systems
The company announced today a new online, real-time diagnostic technology that enables users to estimate the performance of storage-battery systems. Battery-charge levels can be confirmed remotely to within an accuracy of one percent or better. Degradation levels of battery capacity and resistance can be monitored without suspending battery operation, contributing to more efficient and wide-ranging uses of battery systems. Mitsubishi Electric aims to apply the technology in battery systems for electric and hybrid cars, trains and large-scale wind and solar power-generation plants.
No.3000 Mitsubishi Electric Develops Collision-avoidance Technology for
Advanced Driver-assistance System

Sensors provide data for passing, evasive steering and more
The company announced today that it has developed advanced driver-assistance algorithms for lane departure and passing based on perimeter sensing, and collision avoidance based on emergency steering, ensuring that its comprehensive autonomous-driving system will meet Level 3 criteria for performing all acceleration, steering and braking operations expect when the system senses that the driver should take control. Mitsubishi Electric will now accelerate trails in actual-use environments, aiming at commercial usage.
No.3001 Mitsubishi Electric Develops "Aerial Display"
that Projects Large Images Midair

Realizing futuristic visual communication technology with many potential applications
The company has developed an "aerial display" that projects images measuring approximately 56 inches diagonally (886mm wide and 1,120mm high) into midair. This display will have a wide range of potential applications, and Mitsubishi Electric will proceed with development with the aim of seeing the technology commercially available from 2020 onward in digital signage, entertainment and other sectors.
No.3002 Mitsubishi Electric Develops Cyber Attack Detection Technology
Preventing information leakage by monitoring behavior patterns typical of viruses
The company announced today it has developed a cyber-attack detection technology that can classify computer virus behavior into about 50 different patterns. Symantec's latest report on Internet security suggests a million new viruses are spawned every day, but Mitsubishi Electric's new technology offers the capability of detecting even previously unknown viruses through their behavior, preventing information leakage and its associated damages.
No.3003 Mitsubishi Electric Develops Robot to Manage 492 Segment Mirrors of
Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea

Will ensure accurate, flexible and safe replacement of segment mirrors
The company announced today that it has completed a prototype robot for its segment-handling system (SHS) designed to replace the 492 segment mirrors comprising the 30-meter primary mirror of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT® ) that is planned to be built on Mauna Kea in the U.S. state of Hawaii.