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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Over 200 FA Devices Compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

Helping the scope of e-F@ctory solutions to further advance IoT manufacturing

TOKYO, October 27, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it would sequentially release more than 200 factory automation (FA) devices for the company's CC-Link IE Field Network products beginning October 31. The devices, including programmable controllers, servo amplifiers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and inverters, will be compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, an open field network utilizing 100Mbps general-purpose Ethernet communication to connect controllers and devices. The new lineup will expand the scope of e-F@ctory solutions, which incorporate FA and IT technologies to reduce total costs, from development to production and maintenance. Mitsubishi Electric expects its new FA devices to help users better visualize production site/facility operations, enhance efficiency and advance IoT manufacturing.

Strengths of CC-Link IE Field Network Basic-compatible FA devices
1) Build systems quickly and without special expertise
-Compatible with devices and small-scale equipment that conventionally lack network
-All products inherit the features of CC-Link IE Field Network and batch parameter settings ensure easy network setup without technical knowledge of Ethernet
-Number of linked devices and addresses are set automatically, helping to reduce system construction time by 40 percent*
* Based on Mitsubishi Electric engineering tool's parameter setting comparison between CC-Link and CC-Link IE Field Network Basic.
2) Highly flexible network construction
-General-purpose Ethernet helps to save costs by using a single network wiring from high-order IT systems to production-floor devices
-Wide range of FA devices compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic
Production environments of all sizes are being upgraded through the utilization of IT and the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet increasingly diversified and sophisticated needs in manufacturing. Specific advancements include enhanced productivity through the visualization of factory operations, traceability and preventive maintenance to avoid equipment failure. Mitsubishi Electric's new FA devices, all compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, will help to further these advancements by expanding the scope of e-F@ctory solutions.