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Mitsubishi Electric's S-series Escalators Offer Extra Safety & Conservation

TOKYO, November 10, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that its new S-series of escalators, which offer enhanced passenger safety and high-level energy conservation, will launch on November 14. Annual sales of 1,000 units are targeted outside of Japan.

SAS model with glass panels

SAS model with
glass panels

SAL model with glass panels and under-handrail lightning

SAL model with
glass panels and
under-handrail lightning

SAP model with stainless-steel panels

SAP model with
stainless-steel panels

Mitsubishi S-series Escalators
Main Advantages
1) Enhanced passenger safety
-Automatically stops when an object is caught between the comb and step
-Optional skirt brush helps prevent clothing, sandals, etc. from getting caught between step and skirt guard
-Optional step demarcation lighting under each step eases stepping on/off
2) Energy Savings
-Variable-voltage Variable-frequency (VVVF) Inverter Control (optional) optimizes motor efficiency
-When no passenger is riding, optional functions can slow or halt the escalator
-Regenerative Converter (standard with optional VVVF) enables electric power generated as escalator runs downward with a certain passenger load or more to be converted for other uses in the building
-Optional LEDs used in various lights to reduce power consumption and achieve long life
Sales Schedule
Product name Type* Rated speed Price Launch Targeted sales
S-series Escalator Type S1000
Type S800
Type S600
30 meters per minute By quote November 14 1,000 units per annum
* Passengers per step - S1000 (step width: 1,000 mm): 2 passengers; Type S800 (800 mm) and Type S600 (600 mm): 1 passenger