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Mitsubishi Electric's New Intelligent-GUI TFT-LCD Module Combines Greatly Enhanced Graphics with Cost-cutting GUI Design

TOKYO, April 10, 2017 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the immediate launch of a new intelligent-GUI (graphical user interface) TFT-LCD module featuring a high-quality graphics board and touch panel. The graphics board, equipped for video camera image processing/display and interchangeable GUI, delivers broad graphical-expression capabilities while reducing needs for GUI-design development resources.

Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit its intelligent-GUI TFT-LCD module during the 20th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC Spring) at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex from May 10 to 12.
Example graphics created with new Intelligent-GUI TFT-LCD module

Product Features

1) Camera image processing for rich graphical design
-Sesamicro,® , Mitsubishi's proprietary compact, high-speed intellectual property (IP) core for GUI, enables quick camera-image processing, such as rotation, mirror images, and cropping to various shapes
-Rich graphics can be realized by rotating camera images and combining them with other graphics
2) GUI image-switching function reduces need for GUI-design development resources
-GUI are easily interchangeable for different languages, day/night use, etc., by changing all widget (buttons, slide bars and other GUI components) image files
-Integration of conventional screen configurations helps lowers cost and time of GUI design
3) Drastically reduced user's system development costs
-One-stop solution (graphics board, touch panel and LCD module) is combined with Mitsubishi's proprietary tool for GUI design, Intelligent GUI Designer
-Simplified GUI configuration process can significantly lower software-development costs by up to 50% (according to an actual comparison made by Mitsubishi Electric)

Sale Schedule

Product Model Comments Shipment Production
TFT-LCD Module (optional) An LCD Module combined
with the graphics board
April 10, 2017 2,000
units per
Graphics Board CB01-01A2 Up to 60 frames per second