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TOKYO, January 31, 2018 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the launch of 8.0-inch WVGA and 12.1-inch XGA/WXGA color TFT-LCD modules equipped with projected capacitive touch panels using cover glass of up to five millimeters in thickness. Sample sales will begin on February 28 via Mitsubishi Electric offices worldwide.

Mitsubishi Electric Color TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive touch panel

Mitsubishi Electric Color TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive touch panel

The new modules will meet the increasing industrial demands for cover glass offering sturdy thickness and operation while wearing gloves. Accurate, multi-touch sensing is even possible when the screens are wet.Combining these cutting-edge touch capabilities with Mitsubishi Electric's proven TFT-LCD technology, the new models are built to handle a diverse range of applications and installation configurations.

Product Features

  1. 1)Projected capacitive touch panels offering superior operability
    • Thick, five-millimeter cover glass withstands rugged usage
    • Ten-point touch operation for accurate sensing
    • High-level operability, even when using gloves or on wet screens
  2. 2)Total touch-panel solution
    • One-stop solution for TFT-LCD, touch panel and touch-control board
    • Optional optical bonding (resin bonding of the TFT-LCD module, touch-panel sensor and cover glass for clearer images in bright light)
    • Tempered cover glass and anti-reflection/anti-smudge surface treatment for wide-ranging use
    • Factory-installed TFT-LCD, PCAP touch panel, cover glass and touch controller offer superior reliability

Sample Sale Schedule

Product Model Display
Resolution Brightness
Viewing angle
( ° )
<U/D>, <L/R>
TFT-LCD Modules
AA080MB01ADA11 8.0-inch WVGA 900 80/80, 80/80 February 28, 2018
AA080MB11ADA11 1200 80/80, 80/80
AA121XN01DDE11 12.1-inch XGA 500 80/80, 80/80
AA121XN11DDE11 1000 80/80, 80/80
AA121XP01DDE11 400 85/85, 85/85
AA121XP13DDE11 800 85/85, 85/85
AA121TD01DDE11 WXGA 600 80/60, 80/80
AA121TD11DDE11 1200 80/60, 80/80
AA121TH01DDE11 400 85/85, 85/85
AA121TH11DDE11 800 85/85, 85/85


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