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TOKYO, April 19, 2018 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it will launch three MELIPC Series industrial-use computer models for factory automation (FA) control applications and edge computing sequentially from the end of June 2018. The flagship MI5000 combines real-time equipment control and information processing in one box, the midrange MI2000 is designed for wide-ranging system expansion, and the compact, low-cost MI1000 will enable companies to begin introducing IoT on their factory floors.

Key Feature

  1. 1) MI5000 for edge computing that integrates real-time equipment control and information processing
    • High-speed collection, diagnosis and feedback of production floor data utilizing a single machine equipped with VxWorks®1 and Windows® operating system. Saves space and reduces costs of building IoT systems.
    • CC-Link IE Field Network compatibility enables high-speed data exchange at speeds of up to 1ms for highly accurate real-time equipment control.
    • Quality equivalent to that of Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC Series general-purpose programmable controllers is guaranteed. Compliance with IEC2/JIS standards ensures robustness and resilience required for use at production sites.
    1. 1Real-time operating system for embedded systems developed and sold by Wind River Systems, Inc.
    2. 2International organization that sets standards for electrical, electronics and related technologies

  2. 2) MI2000 for wide-ranging system expansions to optimize IoT use on production floors
    • Contributes to improved product quality by performing data diagnostics and operations monitoring at production sites, using a built-in high-performance processor and Windows®operating system.
    • Expands systems using PCI and PCI Express3 expansion ports. Performs high-speed collection of production data using CC-Link IE Field Network boards (optional), and advanced equipment control via input/output boards (optional).
    1. 3Interface to connect computers and peripherals for system expansion

  3. 3) MI1000 for low-cost introduction of IoT at existing production facilities to enhance innovation
    • Compact chassis with Windows® preinstalled for highly flexible production-floor installations.
    • When installed as a gateway in existing facilities having no communication functions, enables data exchanges with host systems for the low-cost introduction of IoT.

Sale Schedule

Product Model Shipment date Sales target FY2019
MI5000 MI5122-VW Sequentially from the end of June 2018 1,000 units
MI2000 MI2012-W
MI1000 MI1002-W


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