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TOKYO, July 9, 2018 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that its Mitsubishi Communication Gateway XS-5R/XS-5T, an environment-resistant IoT communication gateway, has been selected as "Best of the Best" in the Product Design category of the Red Dot Design Award. This was Mitsubishi Electric's first Best of the Best award for international design and the company's fourth straight year to be presented one or more Red Dot Design Awards.

Three other Mitsubishi Electric products also won international Product Design 2018 awards: the MSZ-AP series room air conditioner, the MLZ-KP/MLZ-RX/MLZ-GX/MLZ-HX unidirectional ceiling-mounted cassette-type air conditioner series, and the Ecodan PUHZ-AA series air-to-water heat pump outdoor unit.

Mitsubishi Communication Gateway XS-5R/XS-5T environment-resistant IoT commun

Mitsubishi Communication Gateway XS-5R/XS-5T
environment-resistant IoT communication gateway

The Mitsubishi Communication Gateway XS-5R/XS-5T is a gateway device for remote monitoring, failure prediction, integrated management of multiple sites and other IoT solutions. In addition to applications in factories and buildings, it is used for infrastructure-safety and security functions such as remote monitoring of sea and river water levels and failure prediction for solar and wind power generation equipment and facilities.

The following points were rated highly by the judging panel:

  1. 1) Simple design expressing a high level of performance and dependability
    The product has a simple and sturdy form based on powerful square motifs to expression its high-level security performance based on sophisticated encryption technology and dependability for safe connections via the cloud and other such use. Its strong appeal was enhanced by the symbolic treatment and central placement of the brand logo to add an element of tension.
  2. 2) Interface design created from the user's perspective
    The indicator portion protrudes in a prism shape with a triangular cross-section so that operation status can be checked in a variety of installation situations, including mounting on walls, such as inside a control panel next to other equipment or horizontally on a rack. The displays on the indicator portion are pictograms illuminated by backlighting for easy reading from various angles and for intuitive grasping of the operating status even in dark locations where printed characters are not readable.
  3. 3) Water-resistant and dust-resistant structure for versatile usage
    A water-resistant and dust-resistant construction rated for IP53* compliance enables use in a variety of environments, including dusty equipment rooms and plants, around exposure to industrial water, and so on. While water-resistant and dust-resistant construction often requires complicated designing, drastic reconsideration of this and other factors resulted in a simple design.
  1. * IP rating for water resistance and dust resistance defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The first digit is the dust-resistance rating and the second digit is the water-resistance rating


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