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TOKYO, February 13, 2019 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced six new technologies, outlined below, at its annual Research and Development Open House held today at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, including three artificial intelligence (AI) technologies using the company's proprietary Maisart®* AI.

  1. * Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the- ART in technologyMaisart

Mitsubishi Electric R&D Strategy

Mitsubishi Electric's Fast Stepwise-learning AI Shortens Motion Learning

Ideal for efficient startup of production equipment

The company announced today that it has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) technology capable of fast stepwise learning using a simulator to efficiently complete motion learning in a relatively short time using the company' Maisart AI technology.


Behavioral-analysis AI Detects Slight Differences in Human Movements

Achieves fast analysis without prior machine learning

The company announced today that it has developed a unique behavioral-analysis artificial intelligence (AI) using the company' Maisart AI technology.


Mitsubishi Electric Develops Super Compact Power Unit and High Power Density Electric Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Will expand vehicle cabin space while improving fuel efficiency for hybrid electric vehicles

The company announced today that it has developed what is believed to be the world' smallest power unit for a two-motor hybrid electric vehicle (two inverters and one converter), measuring just 2.7 liters in volume, offering a world-leading 150 kVA/L power density.


Mitsubishi Electric Develops Robust Sensing for Autonomous Driving

Enables autonomous-driving and driving-assistant systems to work even in dense fog or heavy rain

The company announced today that it has developed sensing technology for highly accurate detection of vehicle perimeters even in dense fog or heavy rain.


Mitsubishi Electric Develops Simulation Technology for ZEB Operation

Helps to determine ideal settings for energy savings and comfort levels in net zero energy buildings

The company announced today that it has developed a simulation technology for predicting energy consumption and comfort levels to operate net zero energy buildings (ZEBs).


Mitsubishi Electric Develops Multilingual Speech Recognition Technology that Automatically Identifies which Language is Spoken

Will help realize speech interfaces that are highly suited to a wide variety of situations by applying the company' Maisart compact AI to simultaneously identify and understand spoken languages, even when multiple people are speaking

The company announced today that it has developed what the company believes to be the world' first technology capable of highly accurate multilingual speech recognition without being informed which language is being spoken.



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