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TOKYO, March 5, 2019 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today its newly developed SwipeTalk Air™ user interface (UI), which is believed to be the world's first UI to use augmented reality (AR) technology to render spoken words instantly as three-dimensional text during live video recordings. Text positioning is implemented by simply swiping a finger over the tablet or smartphone screen. The company also announced its development of SwipeTalk Air app on iOS® that integrates the UI, video recording and other functions for extra-expressive videos that are expected to enliven social media.

A prototype of SwipeTalk Air will be displayed at the SXSW (South by Southwest) digital technology exhibition in Austin, Texas from March 8 to 17. Going forward, operability and functions will be further upgraded prior to launching the UI and application in commercial products and services.

Subject speaks and cameraperson swipes finger (left) to instantly render 3D text

Main Features

  1. 1) UI renders spoken words as text along swiped path on screen

    The UI immediately renders spoken words as 3D text in a video as the cameraperson swipes a finger across the device screen. The device is pointed at the subject, a few words are spoken, a line is swiped on the screen and then the text instantly appears in the swiped area.

    Video recording and editing are seamlessly integrated, so the experience of capturing the moment live is never interrupted and users can enjoy inputting text intuitively.

  2. 2) App incorporates various functions to create highly expressive videos

    It will contribute to accomplish a new video expression by placing letters in anywhere of virtual midair in the screen. As the arranged text will look fixed in place, even when changing the camera angle, taking videos that combine such text and recorded objects enables new ways of expressing oneself and new uses based on users' ideas. Due to swift text positioning, users can easily produce videos full of creativity.


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