<IGBT module MPD-type (Large capacity 2in1)>

IGBT module MPD-type (Large capacity 2in1)


The Mega Power Dual (MPD) IGBT modules are high power density modules ideally suited for high power photovoltaic and wind power generation.




VCES(V) IC(A) 1200 V 1700 V
  Connection   Connection
900 Opens in new windowCM900DUC-24S D - -
1000 - - Opens in new windowCM1000DUC-34SA D
1400 Opens in new windowCM1400DUC-24S D - -
1800 - - Opens in new windowCM1800DY-34S D
2500 Opens in new windowCM2500DY-24S D - -



: Not Recommended for New Design


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