By capturing the advanced temperature detection of people, objects, etc. which is difficult to obtain with passive infrared ray (PIR) sensors, Mitsubishi Electric's infrared sensors facilitate better identification of people and objects, and better discernment of people's movements. This sensor is ideal for crime prevention, surveillance systems, people-counting systems, air conditioning systems, and other control equipment utilizing temperature measurement, without the need for expensive infrared cameras.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers user-support tools, including application proposal documentation, product evaluation kits, reference codes, reference designs and other items to support the development of customers' products.

80x60-pixel Thermal-diode infrared sensor "MelDIR"
Capable of measuring temperatures up to 200°C MIR8060B3

  • Capable of much higher temperature measurements range to 200°C than conventional thermal sensors, responding to market needs such as monitoring kitchens and factory equipment, etc.
  • User support tools that help users to shorten product-development time
Infrared sensor MelDIR MIR8060B3

Infrared sensor "MelDIR" MIR8060B3

Thermal image of a hot object (iron) and human

Thermal image of a hot object (iron) and human


High pixel count and high temperature-resolution enable highly precise understanding of people/object movement

MelDIR Infrared sensor (80×32Pixels)

Mitsubishi Electric Original Pixel Structure

  • The supporting legs are ultrathin by an innovative semiconductor microfabrication technique
  • Mounting the thermal diode and high-performance amplifier on the same chip
Thermal Diode

Vacuum-sealing, Chip-scale Packaging Contributes to Compact Space-saving Size

Vacuum-sealing, Chip-scale technology

  • Chip-scale packaging technology developed in-house
  • New packaging technology reduces product size to approx. 80% compared to conventional products*
  • *Compared to general 16x16 pixel thermopiles available in market.
Vacuum-sealing, Chip-scale technology

Product Lineup

  MIR8060 series MIR8032 series
Type No. MIR8060B3 MIR8060B1 MIR8032B1
Temp. resolution (NETD *1) 250 mK (Typ.) 100 mK (Typ.) 100 mK (Typ.)
Field of View (FOV) 78° × 53° (Typ.) 78° × 29° (Typ.)
Frame rate 4 / 8 fps (selective) 4 fps (fixed)
Operating voltage 3.3 V 3.3 V
Current consumption 50mA (Max.) 50mA (Max.)
Product dimensions 19.5 × 13.5 × 9.5 mm 19.5 × 13.5 × 9.5 mm
Detectable temp. range -5 ~ +200 ℃ -5 ~ +60 ℃ -5 ~ +60 ℃
Interface Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

80 × 60 pixels

80 × 32 pixels

  • *1:Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference
  • ★:New Product

Main Applications

The following are possible areas of application for the Infrared Sensor. With the exception of HVAC, none of these applications have yet been tested and no products are currently under development or available for purchase. Accordingly, there are no claims are made as to the ability of the Infrared Sensor to achieve success in these applications

Examples of use

Examples of use by Mitsubishi Electric

These products are available for purchase and use only in Japan.

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