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Infrared SensorsInfrared Sensors


This infrared sensor incorporates thermal-diode infrared sensor technologies originally developed by Mitsubishi Electric to realize higher pixel and high-temperature resolution performance. By capturing the detailed thermal images of people, objects, etc. and improving the performance of identifying people/objects and people's movements, this sensor is ideal for crime prevention, surveillance systems, people-counting systems, and air-conditioning systems.


High-pixel (80×32 pixel) / High-thermal-resolution (100mK, Typ.) / Angle of view (78×29°, Typ.) / Small size (W:19.5 × D:13.5 × H:9.5 mm) / Other

Main Applications

Crime prevention / Surveillance systems / People-counting systems / Smart building system / Air conditioner / Other

New Products
Thermal diode infrared sensor "MelDIR" MIR8032A1

Thermal diode infrared sensor "MelDIR" MIR8032A1
  • High-pixel (80×32 pixels) , high-thermal-resolution (100mK) images
  • Compact, space-saving sensor developed with proprietary chip-scale vacuum-sealing technology

Thermal image by infrared sensor

Reference image

Images produced with MelDIR and normal camera

Data Sheets

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