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Infrared SensorsInfrared Sensors


This infrared sensor incorporates thermal-diode infrared sensor technologies originally developed by Mitsubishi Electric to realize higher pixel and high-temperature resolution performance. By capturing the detailed thermal images of people, objects, etc. and improving the performance of identifying people/objects and people's movements, this sensor is ideal for crime prevention, surveillance systems, people-counting systems, and air-conditioning systems.


High pixel count and high temperature-resolution enable highly precise understanding of people/object movement

MelDIR Infrared sensor (80×32Pixels)
Thermal Diode
  • Mitsubishi Electric Original Pixel Structure

    • The supporting legs are ultrathin by an innovative semiconductor microfabrication technique
    • Mounting the thermal diode and high-performance amplifier on the same chip

Vacuum-sealing, Chip-scale Packaging Contributes to Compact Space-saving Size

Vacuum-sealing, Chip-scale technology
  • Vacuum-sealing, Chip-scale technology

    • Chip-scale packaging technology developed in-house
    • New packaging technology reduces product size to approx. 80% compared to conventional products*
  • *
    Compared to general 16x16 pixel thermopiles available in market.

Main Applications

Crime prevention / Patient monitor / Smart buildings / Counting people / Temperature sensitive equipment / Air conditioner / Other

Thermal image examples for each application

Thermal image examples for each application
  • *
    Image was obtained after heating the surface of the face to simulate the condition of having a fever. The color tone of the image was adjusted to define the difference in body temperature (i.e., difference between high body temperature and normal body temperature is approx. 2℃). This cannot be used for medical diagnosis.

New Products
Thermal diode infrared sensor "MelDIR" MIR8032 series

Thermal diode infrared sensor "MelDIR" MIR8032 series
  • High pixel count

    • Tenfold compared to conventional products* (80 × 32 pixels)
  • High temp. resolution

    • Fivefold compared to conventional products* (by units of 0.1 ℃, 100mK)
  • Compact & Space-saving

    • Reduces product size to 80% compared to conventional products* (19.5 × 13.5 × 9.5 mm)
  • *
    Compared to general 16x16 pixel thermopiles available in market.

MIR8032 series Specifications

Type No. MIR8032B1
Pixels 80 × 32
Temp. resolution (NETD) 100 mK (Typ.)
FOV 78° × 29° (Typ.)
Operating voltage 3.3 V
Current consumption 50mA (Max.)
Product dimensions 19.5 × 13.5 × 9.5 mm
Detectable temp. range -5 ~ +60 ℃
Interface Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • : New product

Data Sheets

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