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DIPIPM™ is a high performance IPM used primarily for consumer use inverters with the advance of next generations using mounted chips or transfer mold construction, products from Ver. 4 provide even smaller size by using high thermal conductivity insulation sheets.
Mounting a high voltage IC (HVIC) with a built-in high voltage level shift circuit enables direct input of an input signal from the microcontroller, without using a photo coupler. Further mounting a bootstrap circuit allows operation of an independent power supply for the IGBT drive of the upper arm (P side) of a 3-phase inverter connection.
In addition to our main product Version 6, we offer a lineup that includes SLIMDIP™ for consumer electronics, and the DIPIPM+™ small industrial equipment.

Main Applications

Air conditioners/Washing machines/Refrigerator/AC servo/General-purpose Inverters /Small size motor control

Featured Products

  • RC-IGBT*1 incorporated, reducing package size 30% compared to Super mini DIPIPM
  • Maximum case temperature increased from 100°C to 115°C, increusing the operating temperature range and leading to easier system design
  • Additional terminals for floating supply and built-in bootstrap diodes simplify PCB wiring pattern
  • Both VOT*2 and OT*3 functions integrated for temperature protection
  • *1
    RC-IGBT: Reverse conducting IGBT
  • *2
    VOT:Temperature information output function
  • *3
    OT:Over-temperature protection function

Wiring example

SLIMDIP Wiring example

Featured Products

  • Encapsulated with transfer molded resin, integrates three-phase converter, inverter, brake and control IC
  • Built-in converter and brake enable system size to be reduced and save design cost, contributing to total cost reduction
  • Lower PCB inductance pattern reduces noise, thereby reducing design time and countermeasure parts required for noise reduction
  • Built-in BSD*1 with 1,200V withstand voltage reduces number of external parts and improves reliability
  • *1
    BSD: Bootstrap diode
  • *2
    Available without brake circuit

Internal Components Block Diagram

Internal Components Block Diagram

Data Sheets

View data sheets for DIPIPM