IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules)IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules)


IPM (Intelligent Power Module) is a high-performance module that mounts a dedicated drive circuit for drawing greater performance from an IGBT chip, and it provides a custom IC for executing self-protection functions (short circuit, supply under voltage, and over temperature).

We are continuing to advance each IPM series in conjunction with the evolution of IGBT chips.

The lineup includes the main products “L1 series”,“V1 series”, and “S1 series”, to which is newly added the “G1 series”, with low power loss, high performance, and small size.

New Products
G1 Series

G1 Series
  • Power loss has been reduced with the introduction of the 7th-generation IGBT produced using CSTBT™*1 and a diode incorporating a RFC*2 structure that contributes to reducing the power consumed in inverters
  • The new resin-insulated metal baseplate, originally introduced in 7th-generation IGBT modules, eliminates the solder-attached section, increasing the thermal cycle lifetime and improving inverter reliability
  • In addition to the built-in functions of the previous product,*3 automatic switching speed control, error detection function contribute to lowering inverter loss and shortening design time
  • *1
    CSTBT™: Mitsubishi Electric’s unique IGBT that utilizes the carrier cumulative effect
  • *2
    RFC: Relaxed field cathode
  • *3
    Conventional product: IPM L1-Series Built-in functions: Supply Undervoltage lock protection (UV)、Short-circuit protection (SC), Over-temperature protection (OT)

"A" package main pin shape and layout

  • For the "A" package 6-in-1 (CG1A) main pin shape, select either solder pin or screw type For the pin layout, select either straight or L-shaped
"A" package main pin shape and layout

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