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PFC ModulesPFC Modules


DIPPFC™ is a transfer molded type IPM which integrates boost chopper circuit and driving IC for power factor correction (PFC) and harmonic suppression of power supply of inverter system.

Owing to embedded high speed power chips like the latest wide band gap power chips,low loss operation is possible on the condition of high carrier frequency driving.

Thanks to an equivalent package to our Super mini DIPIPM™ series for inverter drive, DIPPFC can realize compact and high performance inverter system.

Main Applications

Air conditioners/general purpose inverters

Featured Products
Super mini Hybrid / Full SiC DIPPFC for Home Appliances

Super mini Hybrid / Full SiC DIPPFC for Home Appliances
  • Incorporating SiC MOSFET in the Super mini package widely used in home appliances
  • The SiC MOSFET allows high-frequency switching (up to 40kHz) and contributes to downsizing the reactor, heat sink and other peripheral components
  • Corresponding to interleaved PFC operation by embedded two chopper circuits
  • Adopts the same package as the Super mini DIPIPM to eliminate the need for a spacer between the inverter and heat sink, and to facilitate its implementation
  • Product lineup
Product name Model Rating Connection
Voltages[V] Current[A]
Super mini Hybrid SiC DIPPFC PSH20L91A6-A 600 20Arms Boost chopper×2
Super mini Full SiC DIPPFC PSF20L91A6-A
  • Internal block diagram (Full SiC DIPPFC)
Internal block diagram (Full SiC DIPPFC)
  • Power loss comparison
Power loss compariso

Data Sheets

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