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Specialty FormatSpecialty Format

Important Announcement
Production of TFT-LCD modules is scheduled to end in June 2022, in line with plans to end the LCD business.
News Release


Mitsubishi Electric offers a line-up of specialty TFT-LCD modules that respond to the request of flexible design and unique resolutions for various markets such as broadcasting, entertainment, and other industries.


Unique resolutions (QHD(960x540)、1920x360 )/ Super-wide viewing architecture(over 170-degrees ) / Wide operating temperatures range (-30 to +80 degrees C (Typical) ) / “Natural Color Matrix” technology / Embedded LED driver

Main Applications

Broadcast video & Monitoring / Digital signage / Elevator & escalator / etc.

New Products
Establishes Mass-production Technology
for Curved Color TFT-LCD Module and Begins Taking Orders

Curved Color TFT-LCD Module
  • Mass-production technology for TFT-LCD module
    with curvature radius of 700mm to under 1,000mm
  • Curved display performance equivalent to that of flat display

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Specialty Format

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