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Product Features With Touch PanelProduct Features With Touch Panel

Important Announcement
Production of TFT-LCD modules is scheduled to end in June 2022, in line with plans to end the LCD business.
News Release

PCAP* Touch Panel

Mitsubishi Electric has developed new TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive touch panels (PCAP)*1 that enable superior visibility and durability.

This technology, coming from the intuitive touch interfaces available on smart phones and tablet PCs, can now be applied to a growing variety of industrial applications.

Mitsubishi Electric refined this sensor technology to achieve excellent visibility through TFT-array processing experience and low-resistance material selection without using conductive films such as ITO*2.

A proprietary detection processing technology was also developed enabling high usability and durability even through a 2.8mm cover glass, thin gloves, and rain conditions.

In order to enhance the excellent reliability of PCAP, Mitsubishi Electric offers an integrated factory solution including touch panel, controller board, driver software, and tape or optical bonding.

This integrated manufacturing process assures a highly reliable user interface experience for both industrial and harsh outdoor environments.

  • *1
    PCAP: Projected Capacitive
  • *2
    ITO: Indium-tin-oxide

Simplified image of TFT-LCD PCAP Touch Panel
Simplified image of TFT-LCD PCAP Touch Panel
Intuitive touch
Intuitive touch
With gloves
With gloves

4-wire Resistive Touch Panel

Mitsubishi Electric offers a line-up of TFT-LCD modules equipped with 4-wire resistive touch panels designed to meet various market needs.

This integrated manufacturing process ensures a high reliability to user’s environments.

Resistive touch panels can be attached through tape or optical bonding.