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Product Features Long-term SupportProduct Features Long-term Support

Important Announcement
Production of TFT-LCD modules is scheduled to end in June 2022, in line with plans to end the LCD business.
News Release

Design Compatibility

Successful support within the industrial market requires long-term product support.

Mitsubishi Electric is focused upon providing a long-term steady supply of products in addition to product support service.

Even when current models are discontinued, Mitsubishi Electric will offer a new model with improved functionality while ensuring compatibility with the current model.

Design Compatibility

LED Backlight

The lifetime of a TFT-LCD module backlight is generally required to perform in industrial applications for 7 or more years.

Mitsubishi Electric offers long-life TFT-LCD modules with LED backlights that have a lifetime of 100,000 hours*

  • *
    Mitsubishi Electric defines lifetime of LED as the point that its brightness deteriorates to 50% of its initial value. The lifetime of a lamp is greatly affected by changes of ambient temperature, and is shortened in high temperature especially.