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GOT2000 Series

The GOT2000 Series GT25 Handy GOT is now available!


Hardware Features

GT25 Handy GOT inherits various features of GT16 Handy GOT

Item Specifications
Display 6.5" size, 65536 colors TFT LCD display
Resolution VGA
Backlight White LED
User memory Memory for storage (ROM): 32 MB
Memory for operation (RAM): 80 MB
Standard interface Ethernet, CC-Link IE Field Basic, RS-232*, RS-422/485*
USB host (USB-A) 1 channel (High-Speed 480 Mbps)
USB device (USB Mini-B) 1 channel (High-Speed 480 Mbps)
SD memory card interface
* RS-232 or RS-422/485, 1 channel
Extension interface
Hardware Features

System configuration


Professional Designs in Just a Few Clicks

GT Works3 function details



You can design GOT widescreens with GT Works3, familiar software that can be commonly used for the GOT2000 Series

  • * Use GT Works3 Version 1.170C or later to design screens of GT2506HS.
  • * For the details of GT Works3 functions, please refer to "GT Works3".

Function comparison of Handy GOT models

Item GT2506HS GT1665HS GT1455HS
Hardware specifications Memory Memory for storage (ROM) 32MB 15 MB 9MB
Memory for operation (RAM) 80MB
USB host/USB device ●/● ●/● ●/●
Screen size 6.5" 6.5" 5.7"
Resolution VGA VGA QVGA
Memory card SD CF SD
Functions Recipe display (record list)
Document displayMemory
Historical trend graph(Memory)
GOT Mobile functionLicense(Memory)
VNC server functionLicense
Remote personal computer operation function (Ethernet)License
MES interface functionLicense(Memory)
Operation logMemory
KANA KANJI conversion
FA transparent function
Multi-channel function


SoftGOT-GOT link functionLicense
Sequence program monitor (Ladder)Memory
Sequence program monitor (SFC)Memory
Network monitor
CC-Link IE Field Network diagnostics
Drive recorder GOT Drive(Memory)
Servo amplifier monitor GOT Drive
R/Q motion monitor GOT Drive
Log viewer(Memory)
System launcher
  • License License required
  • Memory SD memory card or USB memory required
  • Battery Battery required
  • ( ) Required depending on conditions of use
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The GOT2000 Series in the palm of your hand.

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GT25 Handy GOT inherits various features of GT16 Handy GOT
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