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Mitsubishi Electric Reorganizes Particle Therapy Business Operations for Expansion into Global Markets

Providing a full line of proton, carbon and proton-plus-carbon particle therapy solutions

TOKYO, June 11, 2014 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that under a strategy to expand its successful particle therapy business in Japan into global markets, it has formed a medical system global marketing group at its Tokyo headquarters and a particle therapy medical group at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.(MEPPI), a U.S.-based subsidiary.

A team in the new medical system global marketing group in Tokyo is now studying marketing opportunities in the global medical markets, including analysis of specific markets to adapt solutions to local needs. As part of this effort, a fully operational proton accelerator has been installed at Energy Systems Center in Kobe to test innovations in a controlled laboratory. This eliminates the need to rely on the use of customers clinical systems to validate new developments, and will give clinics the added assurance of knowing that these solutions were tested fully and rigorously prior to clinical implementation.

In addition to the focus at headquarters, a team of several experts has been dispatched to establish the particle therapy medical group in the Warrendale, Pennsylvania headquarters of MEPPI, which has been successful in the introduction of other high technology products in the American markets.

Global medical device Quality Management System establishment and maintenance project group, a dedicated regulatory group, also has been established to address specific requirements in each country. The process of preparing documents for US FDA 510k clearance is underway, backed by two decades of experience and clinical data.

Mitsubishi Electric, the leading supplier of particle therapy systems in Japan, provides a full line of proton, carbon and proton-plus-carbon solutions. The company is the only commercial supplier with such broad, clinically proven offerings to address the needs of most clinical centers. Its proton solution, reengineered for cost and compactness, is gaining rapid acceptance at cancer centers that require a cost-effective, single-room system. The quality and innovative features of this Mitsubishi Electric solution has attracted the attention of many institutions worldwide. "I believe Mitsubishi Electric's state-of-the-art particle therapy solutions can contribute to improvement of the cancer patients' QOL worldwide" said Shinichiro Yagi, General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric's Medical Systems Marketing Department.

New single-room proton system

New single-room proton system

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Mitsubishi Electric will issue this announcement during the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG) meeting in Shanghai, the site of the only Asian proton-plus-carbon system outside of Japan. Mitsubishi Electric will use this opportunity to display its commercially available proton, carbon and proton-plus-carbon solutions.

Note: Products mentioned in this release require country-specific regulatory clearance prior to patient use.