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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Power Semiconductor Modules for 3-level Inverter

Enhanced low-power consumption and miniaturization for large-capacity industrial equipment

TOKYO, December 25, 2014-Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today a new family of power semiconductor modules optimized for 3-level inverters that will enhance low-power consumption and size reduction for large-capacity industrial equipment in the 125kW-500kW class and above. Sales will begin in June 2015.



CM1400HA-24S / RM1400HA-24S CM1000HA-34S / CM500C2Y-24S

CM1400HA-24S / RM1400HA-24S
CM1000HA-34S / CM500C2Y-24S

Product Features
1) About 30% reduction in power consumption owing to 3-level control
-Enable for use in 3-level inverters to lower the power consumption and reduce the size of large-capacity industrial equipment.
-About 30% reduction* in power consumption compared with mainstream 2-level inverters.
  * Comparison of 3-level inverter with our new products and 2-level inverter with our current products
2) Low inductance due to new packages
-Optimize IGBT specifications using carrier-stored trench-gate bipolar transistor (CSTBTTM) structure for 3-level inverters.
-Reduce circuit inductance in single and parallel operations due to new packages** devised at the terminal layout and form.
  ** 1in1/2in1 type: 130mm x 67mm; 4in1 type: 115mm x 82mm
3) Lineup offers both downsizing and diverse circuit configurations for inverters
-For mid-capacity inverters of above 125kW, downsizing is achieved with a narrow-design 4in1 model, which also offers low loss.
-For larger inverters of above 500kW, the 1in1 and 2in1 models offer a wide variety of circuit layouts.
Sales Schedule
Product Model Specification Shipment
for 3-level inverter
CM400ST-24S1 400A/1200V 4in1, IGBT module June, 2015
CM1400HA-24S 1400A/1200V 1in1, IGBT module July,2015
RM1400HA-24S 1400A/1200V 1in1, Diode module
CM1000HA-34S 1000A/1700V 1in1, IGBT module August, 2015
CM500C2Y-24S 500A/1200V 2in1 Emitter common,
IGBT module