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At Huangguoshu Falls, our escalators move
people a distance equivalent to 20 floors
(Guizhou Province, People's Republic of China)

In southwestern China, on a plateau approximately 1,000m above sea level, is Guizhou Province. The year-round pleasant climate has attracted vacationers and sightseers since long ago. It is also the location of one of China's most scenic sites, the Huangguoshu Falls.

With a height of 74m and a width of 81m, it is the largest waterfall in China and Asia. In May 2004, two Mitsubishi Electric escalators, each approximately 154m long, were installed to carry visitors to and from the gallery. The escalator trip follows the slope of the mountain and takes about five and a half minutes to carry visitors the equivalent of 20 floors. Mitsubishi Electric was selected to supply these escalators based on its impressive record of reliability and safety, extending over 60 years since the installation of Mitsubishi Electric's first elevator in China. For example, in annual operational testing of Huangguoshu Falls, weights are placed on each step, subjecting the escalator to a total transport weight of over 10 tons. Because of the scale and complexity of the system, Mitsubishi Electric technicians are stationed near the site, ready to undertake maintenance at a moment's notice.

Today, at Huangguoshu Falls, Mitsubishi Electric is again moving people with its comfortable ride and enjoyment of the magnificent panorama.

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