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Elevators sering scholarship in Bibliotheca Alexandrina - a legendary library reborn after 13 centuries
(Alexandria, Republic of Egypt)

Alexandria, the “Pearl of the Mediterranean,” is the second largest city in Egypt. Renowned as the greatest city of learning in ancient times, this port was home to the Great Library of Alexandria, the single largest archive of knowledge in ancient times. Over 1,300 years have passed since the tragic burning of the library and the loss of this irreplaceable treasure. Seeking to recapture the spirit of the ancient library, Bibliotheca Alexandria—the new library of Alexandria—was inaugurated in 2002.

Designed as a simple circle evoking the image of the Sun, the complex is celebrated for its innovative and imaginative architecture. In the stunning reading room with seating for some 2,000, the largest open-span reading room in the world and surrounded by a global scope of printed volumes and manuscripts, the spirit of the legendary library lives on. Moving some 800,000 annual visitors from around the world in this multi-level complex is the job of Mitsubishi Electric elevators. Maintained with meticulous attention, the 16 elevators not only provide reliable and comfortable vertical transportation for visiting scholars, but also carry heavy loads of books and the physically challenged in complete safety from floor to floor.

Today, in this ancient temple of knowledge reborn, Mitsubishi Electric elevators are elevating minds amid Alexandria’s pearls of wisdom.

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