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Semiconductors & Devices

About this WebsiteAbout this Website

Please read the following before using the Mitsubishi Semiconductor website.

Regarding the use of this website

  • Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor (and its related companies) owns the copyright in the contents of this website. Therefore, please do not use the contents other than for noncommercial purposes as a private customer.
  • As a site offering information on the company's semiconductors, we welcome links related to product selection. Please do not link, however, in cases where the ownership of content is unclear or where the mention could be construed as slander.
  • As a site offering information on the company's semiconductors, we welcome the introduction of the website's URL address in different media when related to product selection. The use of our content images, etc., is prohibited. In addition, please do not mention the site in content that could be construed as slander.
  • The information and URL in this site may be changed without notice, so please obtain approval before using it.
  • Regarding the information contained in this site, the company makes no guarantees and gives no permissions over any rights herein.

Regarding the product data

Requests related to design safety

  • While the company strives to improve quality and reliability, semiconductor products may malfunction and faults may occur. The company pays full attention to design safety, such as countermeasures against the spread of fire, incorrect operation, and redundant design, so that no accidents resulting in injury or loss of life, fires or social damage occur due to a fault in or malfunction of our semiconductor products.

Notes on the use of these materials

  • These materials are reference data for customers to enable them to purchase the appropriate Mitsubishi semiconductor product according to its application. No permission is granted to the use of the technological information contained in these materials with regard to the execution of the intellectual property rights, etc., held by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is not liable for any infringement of any third-party proprietary rights or any damages attributed to the use of the product data, figures, tables, programs, algorithms, or other circuit application examples mentioned in these materials.
  • All the information in the product data, figures, tables, programs and algorithms in these materials is subject to change without notice by Mitsubishi Electric for instant publication of improved specifications, etc. Therefore, when purchasing Mitsubishi Semiconductor products, please contact Mitsubishi Electric or its agents to receive the latest information.
  • When appropriating the technological data, programs and algorithms mentioned in the product data, figures and tables mentioned in these materials, the customer is responsible for the evaluation of those technological data, programs and algorithms, as well as the evaluation of the entire system for the suitability of the application. Mitsubishi Electric is not responsible for the suitability of the application.
  • The products mentioned in these materials were not designed or manufactured for use in equipment or systems in conditions concerned with human life. Please make an enquiry with Mitsubishi Electric or its agents when considering using the products mentioned in these materials in systems for traffic, medical treatment, space exploration, nuclear power control, undersea relay equipment, etc.
  • Mitsubishi Electric's prior written approval is required for the reproduction or duplication of these materials.
  • Please direct enquiries to Mitsubishi Electric or its agents for more detailed information than contained in these materials.