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Safety, Security and Decarbonization
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Cooling & Heating


Room Air-conditioners - Split type

FZ Series equipped with High-precision infrared sensor, “Move Eye mirA.I.+”, can detect changes in room temperature with its 360-degree sensing sensor and AI at the touch of a button, and automatically adjust the operation. Also Pure Mist, an electrically charged mist, cleans the air in your room.

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Room Air-conditioners - Multi-Splits type

Advancements in the MXZ Series include efficiency and flexibility in system expansion capabilities. The best solution when requiring multi-system air conditioning needsSee line-up in your regionEXAMPLE SYSTEM

Introduce our total solutions for home while contributing to the
realization of energy conservation and decarbonization.


MELCloud (Wi-Fi Interface)

MELCloud is a Cloud-based solution for controlling air-conditioner, ecodan, Lossnay units either locally or remotely by computer, tablet or smartphone via the Internet. The owner can control their units and manage energy online by connecting to MELCloud.

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Safety & Security

Room-airconditioners with Plasma Quad Connect.

Plasma Quad Connect is a high-performance air purifying device which can even be installed on the existing units, contributing to a better air quality in your room. Plasma Quad Connect creates an electric field and discharge space to inhibit viruses, bacteria and pollen.

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Air-to-Water Heat Pump system "ecodan"

Contribution to a decarbonized society
Heat pump heating system that provides domestic space heating as well as hot water.

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Safety & Security

Ventilators "Lossnay"

Lossnay ventilation systems offer environment-friendly energy recovery and enable air conditioning systems to simultaneously provide optimum room comfort and energy savings.

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