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Compact AI will change the world in big ways.

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Connecting all with a single concept.

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Mitsubishi Electric’s net Zero Energy Building (ZEB) test facility.

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ADVANCE magazine

Reports about Mitsubishi Electric's advances in cutting-edge technologies

R&D Centers

Our research centers around the world support Mitsubishi Electric's product development and business activities.

Advanced Technology R&D Center

The base for all of Mitsubishi Electric's R&D activities, focusing on a broad range of research for the future.

Information Technology R&D Center

The main center for the development of information and communications technology, actively developing new business in the field of IT.

Integrated Design Center

The core research facility for creating new business and products; we design ways for people to live in harmony with technology, society and the environment.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

MERL conducts advanced R&D in communication, video/image processing, data analysis and mechatronics.

Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe B.V. (MERCE)

The European arm of Mitsubishi Electric’s R&D focuses on environment, energy and communications technology.