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Integrated Design Center

photo:Masataka Nagahori

Masataka Nagahori

Senior General Manager, Integrated Design Center

Enriching society with people-centric design

"Enriching society with people-centric design" – this is the philosophy of the Integrated Design Center.

We are designing new relationships between beautiful things and exciting experiences, while connecting with people’s feelings and addressing social issues. We will sensitively detect signs of changes in the future society, think through such changes carefully, and give shape to ideas that have not yet been seen to create true value that resonates with people's sensibilities.

We believe that this will lead to the smiles and happiness of people who use Mitsubishi Electric Group products and services that contribute to the "realization of a vibrant and sustainable society." The Integrated Design Center will continue to take on challenges to achieve this goal.


User experience design/Solution design/Product design/Interaction design


Here we introduce our offices and facilities.

  • Gallery

  • Open space

  • Workspace

  • Private booths

  • Cafeteria

  • On-site daycare center

  • Training gym

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Address: 5-1-1, Ofuna, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 247-8501, Japan
Phone: 0081(467)41-2111