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2022 Kids Interviews

My dream is to become a national football player - Yoosri

Star players of the future from Thailand

Yoosri is another boy that joined Mitsubishi Electric’s Football Clinic. He enjoyed the activities in the football clinic and was happy to share his experience.

Growing up playing football, Yoosri started playing when he was 5 years old with his father, who taught him how to play. The two still play football together even now. Yoosri’s dream is to become a national football player like the two legendary coaches, Therdsak Chaiman and Pipob On-Mo, whom he met at the clinic.

He also understands that teamwork is very important. He says that to be the good team, players have to be close to each other. They have to play and learn together.

Yoosri felt very excited and very happy to join this football clinic. If someone asked him if he was tired, he would honestly have to say yes, but he says he will never stop practicing and would like to join again every time he gets the chance.

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