logo:ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024

When new challenges arise, we push forward.
Because perseverance leads to growth.

We’re here to move forward with all of Southeast Asia.
To build better lives, a more sustainable society,
a brighter tomorrow.
We’re here to build happiness.

It’s time for a new chapter to begin.
It’s time to blaze trails and embrace the dawn of a new day.

we can build better.

Mitsubishi Electric is the Title Partner
of the ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024




Mitsubishi Electric in Southeast Asia

As an integrated electronics and electrical manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric Group aims to expand its business within the fast-growing Southeast Asia region, as well as contribute to the further development of the region by providing a wide range of products and services such as air conditioning systems, home appliances, building solutions and factory automation systems, as well as transportation systems and water treatment systems.

About ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024

ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024 is an international football tournament held once every two years in which national teams from 11 countries (affiliated with the ASEAN Football Federation) participate and is the largest sports event in the Southeast Asian region.